About This Project

The gold, silver and bronze picks from Guit-Artz are made to be the perfect gift to the person you love, or yourself.  We create it thinking of all the other thing guitarist might like. We make them with a 3d relief with refine details. Metal pick are the best for blues, rock and metal player or anyone who want a crunchy sound.


The 30mm height is 2.5mm thick and about 10 gram, perfect for the hard rock, metal even the bass player will love it. If you have big finger you will love the size and weight, it will be your last pick ever!


The 24mm height is 1.2mm thick and about 4 gram, perfect for fast picking and very precise, you might have to be more gentle with it and polish the tip with a 800 sandpaper a few time before it get harder.

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